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Heavenly Expressions is the charity Sharon Gunter envisioned and established in 2008, to offer emotional support to battered and abused women of all ages facing insurmountable obstacles. We attempt to offer hope and direction by sharing educational information, and revealing pertinent experiences of our history as to the success of our survival. We attempt to educate, inspire, and network in open group settings. We do not claim to be counselors, ordained ministers, therapist or psychiatrist; only persons who have survived. The latest government statistics reflect that one (1) out of four (4) females will be abused at some point in their lives. More women die in America each year from abuse than died in the entire Vietnam War.

As our name indicates, Heavenly Expressions is a ministry of word and song. Their Women's Conferences can range from a half an hour to half a day depending on your program needs, the age of your audience and event type. We offer a variety of conferences in both secular and spiritual. Our spiritual conferences range from sharing life experiences, presenting Bible devotions or a Christian concert.  Secular conferences focus on recognizing abuse, bullying, self-esteem programs, teen pregnancy, and entertaining concerts of pop to jazz. Most women can relate to some of the situations from which they have endured. We strive to give inspiration to those who are struggling with similar situations in their lives by sharing Hope, Compassion, Enlightened Education. A tailored conference can easily be scheduled at your request.

Heavenly Expressions offers Classes in Life Skills teaching how to create and maintain a budget, balance a check book, write a resume' or adult reading lessons. In some instances, young ladies or women find themselves in a position of head of the household without any prior exposure. This can be a daunting feeling which could easily overwhelm a person. A little instruction can go a long way in building success.

Heavenly Expressions offers inspirational singing of all styles to a variety of audiences. Singing, the universal language, can lift ones spirits and put a smile back on a face that has been feeling alone, lost and forgotten. BeBe Winans recently explained "Music carries a power even the spoken word doesn't have."  As a practical application of their compassion and concern for those forgotten or over looked individuals, we often share light hearted or seasonal mini concerts for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, female group homes and rehabilitation centers.

Heavenly Expressions is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization such that all donations and support, be it fiscal or in kind services, can be deducted for tax purposes.

Heavenly Expressions seeks to instill courage, confidence and hope for a happy, complete, and fulfilled life in all individuals by helping them learn from the past and move forward. It does not discriminate among eligible participants in regard to race, creed, religion, sex or any other distinction. Our secular programs are offered without regard to religious activities; we are not affiliated to any particular religious order; and donations do not support religious activities such as worship or proselytizing.

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